Friday, April 26, 2013

Playing in the Dirt

Yesterday morning was beautiful, and Tes and I got outside to dig in the dirt.  We turned over the beds in front of the garden fence that will eventually be a beautiful cottage flower garden, I hope.  Tes helped gather river rocks for the border and placed them with precise intent.  Earlier in the day we had been to town and, big surprise, picked up some more goodies for our garden.  Only this time, we didn't get any veggies.  Tessie and I picked out a bunch of bulbs, and even though I knew we wouldn't be planting them for a while, we got started on the the beds anyway.  We also picked up a little Gnome (Christian liked him and I couldn't help myself) and now he is guarding our garden.  I can't wait to see some flowers in here, but for now it's a great spot to play in the dirt.

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