Tuesday, April 30, 2013

A Busy Weekend

It was a beautiful weekend.  Tes and I got some more work done in the garden, and we are getting closer to planting!  I finally made and hung the two gates.  I think it really looks nice.  Tes was eager to do something with actual plants, so I put her to work pulling weeds.  What are children for, after all?  I also got the first raised bed built!  I can't wait to transplant my lettuces!  I think I will wait a bit longer though, we have snow forecast this Thursday, ugh!  But it will give me time to get my drip irrigation system working.  Check back soon on the "Breaking Ground" page for the full story of how I am setting up all the "bones" of our garden.  I have learned a lot, and maybe I can pass along some of my new found knowledge.  Here are some photos of our time in the garden from over the weekend.

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