Friday, May 17, 2013

More Tomato Advice

I was given some advice about starting tomatoes by a friend a month or so ago.  Mainly the advice was that I started my tomatoes too late, and he recommended I buy my plants so I could put them in already much bigger.  His reasoning was that my plants wouldn't have time to grow mature fruit before the first frost, since I live at a colder elevation.  After a small freak-out, I sought more advice and some people agreed with him, but thought I should give my starts a try anyway, and just cover them when it got cold in the fall.  I decided to do both, and bought three cherry tomato plants.  Recently, my cherry tomatoes started to blossom, and I got excited at this sign of life. 

We had some friends over this afternoon, one of whom is also a gardener, and has a lot of experience with tomatoes.  I was showing him my starts, and he recommended plucking all the blossoms, maybe even a couple more times, to get the plant to focus on growing bigger, and eventually producing more.  My motto with my garden has been learn as much as you can from whomever wants to teach you, so I took his advice and plucked off all the blossoms.  I must admit that this was a little terrifying, but it makes sense.  We'll just have to wait and see... Anyone do this with your tomatoes?  I'll keep you posted, and hopefully I'll have plenty of tomatoes to show for it!

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